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Presidential Insurance Service LLC: Providing Commercial Auto Insurance - Personal Auto Insurance in Florida & California.

Auto Insurance California - Florida

Auto insurance, also known as vehicle, gap, car or motor insurance is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and all other road vehicles. Auto insurance provides protection against bodily (physical) injury suffered through traffic collisions or any liability that may result from an accident.

Commercial Auto Insurance California - Florida

Commercial auto insurance is purchase to provide coverage for a wide variety of vehicles such as delivery vans, refrigerated vehicles, tractor-trailers, utility trucks and private passenger vehicles used in many types of businesses, including contractors, roofers, plumbers, electricians, wholesalers, farming and more! Commercial insurance, also known as business auto insurance, may cover liability, medical payments, personal injury protection, travel or car rental expenses, loss of earnings and more. Call us today at 305-244-3971 to receive a free and instant commercial auto insurance quote via the phone.

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